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Client Testimonials

"John, Thank you for your help and expertise.  I knew when we meet that you were the right Lawyer for my needs."  Larry L.

Mr. Tower represented Larry regarding a disability insurance company’s termination of his benefits.


"an answer to prayer."  Francis and Bernadette K.

Mr. Tower represented these wildfire victims in lawsuits against their homeowners’ insurance company and utility company.


"... you are a refreshing reminder that there ARE actually attorneys with integrity." Giovanna M.

Mr. Tower represented Giovanna regarding her claim for retirement benefits.


" As you know, our situation with our insurance company had been haunting us for a year and a half before we contacted you.  At that point, we were sure that nothing good was going to happen and we would be stuck with a burned out house, unable to rebuild or pay off the mortgage. 

When you agreed to represent us and explained that you had been researching the facts involved, you brought hope back into our vocabulary.  You kept us informed during the process, never allowing us to feel abandoned.

Your legal advice was spot-on.   You selected a mediator which handled our case with respect and concern.  And, as a result we were able to settle the case at mediation.

We settled for more than we thought was possible during the previous two years.  We are more than happy with your representation on our behalf and would be happy to tell anyone about your handling of our case.  If we ever need an attorney again, and I hope we never will, you’ll be the first person we call.

Thanks again for all your help in this matter and making it possible for us to get on with our lives with our finances unscathed."   Barbara H.

Mr. Tower represented Barbara who is the owner of a home that was damaged in a fire in a lawsuit against her homeowners’ insurance company.


"John Tower was efficient and very effective in successfully managing my disability case."  Karen S.

Mr. Tower represented Karen in an ERISA lawsuit against her disability insurance company which had denied her long term disability benefits.


"John represented me in a personal injury case when I got in a car accident... John stayed on top of my claim day by day.  He also made sure to contact me right away when documents and such were being requested.  He also was very persistent with the insurance companies.  I was really happy with his understanding of my personal and financial situation due to the accident.  John gave me updates on the case almost every couple of days.  I will continue to lean on him for his knowledge and professional opinion when it comes to any legal matters in the future." Mike T.

Mr. Tower represented Mike in claims against the responsible driver and Mike's insurance company for under insured motorist benefits.


"John Tower was very patient and helpful through the entire process of my personal injury claim, he made the process very seamless. I'm so grateful for all the hard work he provided on my claim."  Carolyn S.

Mr. Tower represented Carolyn in claims (against the responsible driver and Carolyn 's insurance company for under insured motorist benefits) for personal injuries arising out of an automobile accident.


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